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James Franco Says We've All Got A Little Bit Of 'Catfish' In Us

The actor speaks out about online deceit after reading Nev Schulman's new book.

James Franco's previous forays into the world of "Catfish" have been for laughs, but he's now taking a more serious, critical look at the phenomenon of online deceit.

In a piece published by Vice yesterday, Franco, who got his hands on an early copy of "Catfish" host Nev Schulman's upcoming book "In Real Life," gives his take on the culture of creating fake profiles and building virtual characters.

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Most interestingly, Franco, who calls role-playing "liposuction in the digital world," opines that we all have a bit of "Catfish" in us, and that our social media accounts -- even when seemingly sincere -- are essentially doctored representations of our actual identities.

"When we Facebook or Instagram, we are not putting up photos of our true selves -- instead, we are creating collages of our best, most interesting moments," he writes. "We are creating an ideal version of ourselves. So even if we aren’t posing as a male supermodel when we really weigh 300 pounds and work at Chili’s, we are all still doing a bit of catfishing." A world without photo filters? Edits for contrast or brightness? Cropping as we see fit? It might as well be gravity-free!

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