Miley Cyrus Went Glamping And Brought Models And Apple Pie Moonshine

This is NOT at all like your camping.

When you go camping, the checklist might include things like: a tent, a camping stove, a few drinks (adult or not), bug spray, a sleeping pad and chips... lots of chips.

But when Miley Cyrus went camping -- sorry, glamping -- after her Nashville show on Thursday night, her musts were are wayyyy different: fancy lingerie, killer heels, male and female models, rock stars and, well, just take a look.

The Night Began With Onstage Twerking With Opener Lily Allen

And, Of Course, Before The Show She Hung With Pal Wayne Coyne And 1960s Folk Icon Melanie

The Moon Is Out, Time To Hit The Woods

Gotta Have The Right Snacks And Gear

You Knew "Uncle Mick" Would Be There

And Wayne, Though There Was No Way He Was Going To Get Any Sleep

Models Were Invited To The "White Trash Rager," Male AND Female

There Were Adult Beverages, And They Tasted Like Pie

And Camo, So Much Camo