This Video Shows What Men Are Really Saying When They Catcall

Catcalling is for desperate a-holes and this video perfectly captures that.

If you’re a red-blooded female who has ever walked down a sidewalk before, chances are you’ve been catcalled. That’s because catcalling is still unfortunately super common, even though it feels super antiquated.

When you think about it, catcalling says a lot more about the guy doing the whistling and groping than it does about the girl trying to go about her own business. That’s why the folks at BuzzFeed flipped the cringe-worthiness of catcalling on its head by calling it out for what it really is: desperate cries for attention. Check out this hilarious vid to hear what it sounds like when guys’ smooth talk is translated into what they really mean.

Some of our personal favorite lines:

“Woo girl, you know I only act like this when people I care about ain’t around!”

“Ooh hey baby, I talk to women a lot more than I understand them!”

“Yo what up, lil’ mama! I’m extremely sexually frustrated.”

“I know you are not on your way to talk to me right now, yet I am STILL giving you all of my attention!”

“This. Has. Never. Ever. Worked!”

“Damn, you’re the best part of my day. And I realize how sad that is!”

“Woo! I hate me too, girl!”

And remember what Jennifer Lawrence says, guys: They're just boobs.