Funny or Die

Watch Christina Hendricks Take Her 'Mad Men' Character To A Modern-Day Office

When Joan makes a point, you better sit up straight, scotch in hand, and listen.

"Mad Men" fans know Joan just about rules the office. But what happens when you put her in a modern-day office with computers and phones and plastic Pop Tarts? It's a hot mess.

In a new sketch for Funny or Die, Christina Hendricks brings Joan's signature martini and vintage garb to 2014 while her co-workers -- Janine Brito, Majeed Nami, Jennie Pierson and Eliza Skinner -- give one another "WTF?" looks.

The clip is also a PSA of sorts, as Hendricks explains that the reason behind the madness: "In the United States, women make 23 percent less than their male counterparts. Almost 70% of the minimum wage work force is female, but only 15 percent of fortune 500 CEOs are… If we're going to run our businesses like it's the 1960s, I'm going to act like it."