Funny or Die

Watch Christina Hendricks Take Her 'Mad Men' Character To A Modern-Day Office

When Joan makes a point, you better sit up straight, scotch in hand, and listen.

"Mad Men" fans know Joan just about rules the office. But what happens when you put her in a modern-day office with computers and phones and plastic Pop Tarts? It's a hot mess.

In a new sketch for Funny or Die, Christina Hendricks brings Joan's signature martini and vintage garb to 2014 while her co-workers -- Janine Brito, Majeed Nami, Jennie Pierson and Eliza Skinner -- give one another "WTF?" looks.

The clip is also a PSA of sorts, as Hendricks explains that the reason behind the madness: "In the United States, women make 23 percent less than their male counterparts. Almost 70% of the minimum wage work force is female, but only 15 percent of fortune 500 CEOs areā€¦ If we're going to run our businesses like it's the 1960s, I'm going to act like it."