Well, We Know What Selena Gomez Is Wearing This Fall (And Where To Get It)

The best part of the season has arrived! And by that, I don’t mean the dog days of summer (August is *actually* the worst), but rather the magical time of year when Selena Gomez drops her latest Adidas NEO lookbook. I mean, duh.


When you first lay eyes on the collection, you’ll probably think, “WHOA! Sel’s gone soft!” There’s floaty patterned minis and cute crop tops and a thick-knit circle scarf to balance out the sleevelessness (never underestimate the importance of having a warm neck).


But then, upon closer inspection, you realize that romantic-looking print isn’t floral at all—it’s skulls. Less Anthropologie, more Hot Topic, and totally Selena 2.0. You see, the international superstar has had a rollercoaster year, and it feels right that she’s adopted an edgier, more grown-up style to match her new mindset. And nothing says edgy like a black-hued (but still pretty!) skull print.


Perhaps the most important detail to mention about these new photos, other than that A+ blowout, is that she appears to have taken them atop the Highline, an elevated park in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. A park I visit weekly. A park a mere 10-minute subway excursion from my apartment. Why did she not invite me? I could have modeled the sneakers—the ones with the signature Adidas three-stripe and Selena’s own autograph—that were photographed by their lonesome on the cement.


Next time, call me, grl.

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