We Really Hope Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Brings Us Lots Of Hand Waving And 'Ransom'

Please, please perform 'Ransom.'

In just a few hours Lil Wayne and Drake will kick off their Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour in Darien Center, New York. The first time Drizzy hit the road with his Young Money boss, he was just learning the ropes, formulating music and ideas for his breakout 2009 mixtape So Far Gone. Now, the student has grown to be just as famous as his mentor, co-headlining a tour with the man who put him in the game.

With star power like this, my expectations are pretty high, so before I head out to the opening night of Drake Vs. Lil Wayne, here are some things I expect to see.

Lots of hand-waving

Drake and Weezy get pretty excited about their raps onstage and when they get excited, hands start waving feverishly. I don't know if anything can prepare us.

A rap battle

With a tour name like Drake Vs. Lil Wayne, we expect that the two will have a friendly freestyle battle.

Hits, hits and more hits

Drizzy recently set a record for the most #1 hits on the Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. And Lil Wayne is no slouch either.

At least one skateboard

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Weezy is a man of many talents -- he can rap, of course, and he's proven himself to be a successful businessman by running Young Money. Then, there are his skating skills, which he often displays on stage.

But we want the underground favorites, too

The great thing about these Young Money boys is that no matter how successful they become, they don't neglect their underground fan base. "0-100" might not be Drake's biggest hit, but you can bet he'll let it loose tonight. If we can get Weezy to drop something from No Ceilings, the night will be complete.


No new fans, no new fans. Only Day One fanatics can relate to this one.

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How else are we expected to remember tonight?

Check back this weekend to see which of the hopes and predictions come true.