'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Javi Says Goodbye To Kailyn And The Boys

As the airman prepares for month-long job training, he worries about leaving his family behind.

It's never been easy when Kailyn's husband Javi has had to leave home for his Air Force commitments. And in the sneak peek below, the "Teen Mom 2" couple prepare for some more time apart.

"You're gonna be okay without your kids for a month?" the mother of two asks her spouse, to which the airman offers a quick "no." "I'll send you pictures all the time," she promises.

"It's not the same," explains Javi, who's leaving for job training. "I come home to them every day. At least this isn't like the first time -- six months."

"Six months was hard, but I did it," Kail assures Javi. Still, she admits that this separation will be different since Baby Lincoln has entered the family fold and she'll have no support with the extra responsibilities.

"I know you'll be fine," Javi tells his wife.

But the couple's candid conversation is interrupted by a crying Isaac, who is upset about Javi's impending departure. How will the four-year-old react when Javi leaves? Watch the loved ones say goodbye in the clip below, and be sure to catch "Teen Mom 2" on Wednesday at 10/9c.