This Hip Hop Radio Disney Video: We're Obsessed

'All I do is swim, swim, swim no matter what.'

Hello, all you lost-ass fishes out there. Have you been chillin' in a wooden cottage, eatin' on some hot porridge? Well, this completely nonsensical but somehow flawless mash-up parody of rap songs and Disney movies is sure to be up your curiously delightful alley.

Coming to you live from Facebook user/musician Shizzy VI, the clip features several opening lines from rapped homages to some of your favorite Disney characters. Not to be all hyperbolic about it, but they are pretty much the best.

There's a litany of hilariously apt and on-the-nose lyrics in here, including "My uncle killed my daddy, made me feel some type of way." But can you match the song lyrics to the character they are in reference to without the help of the video? Because that, my friends and random Internet strangers, is the true challenge.

"Put poison all in yo apple and you ain't even know it."

"My name is Buzz and I cannot fly."

"All I do is swim, swim, swim no matter what."

"I'm 'bout to become a fighter and drive all the Huns outta China."

"I woke up on a magic carpet."

"I can't remember nothin' at all."

"Prince Hans ain't loyal, no he ain't."

"Step-mother never loved her."

"Made it winter accidental!"

"Ain't no gold in my village."

"Bitch wanna cut off my hair, nooo."

Our personal favorite is "Shawty left the party fast yeah, fast yeah. Lost a slipper made of glass yeah, glass yeah" because Juvenile and Cinderella couldn't be a more perfect union. (Sorry, Prince Charming.)