13 Things Taylor Swift Should Write About On Her Next Album

BFFs, Haylor, Kittens? We try and guess what Taylor is writing about next.

Taylor Swift likes to play the guessing game, and you know what? So do we.

Taylor has been playing with our emotions dropping several clues over the past few days. And while we are pretty sure it has something to do with upcoming music, (if it's not, I might cry) it got us thinking about what exactly Taylor could be writing about on her next album.

From breakups, to new BFFs, to adorable kittens, Taylor has experienced a lot since the release of Red back in 2012. So here are 13 things that have happened in the past two years that we hope sparked some inspiration to her next big hit.

1. Her BFFs

Hopefully Taylor unlocks the secret about what it takes to be her BFF, because it looks like the best time ever. I mean, she planned a fun beach day with Lorde, baked cookies with Olympic athlete Gracie Gold and threw 4th of July bash with Emma Stone, Lena Dunham and Jamie King.

2. Haylor

Ok, let's be honest, we really want to know what went down during Harry and Taylor's whirlwind romance. One minute they were strolling through Central Park, celebrating her birthday with cupcakes and ringing in New Years with a kiss in Times Square and the next she's looking all sad on a boat. We have a feeling we may get our answer behind Haylor soon.

3. Four-Legged Friends

Meredith may just be one of the cutest celebrity cats of all time, but Taylor gave Mer a run for her money when she introduced the world to Olivia Benson. So do Meredith and Olivia get along? What tricks can they do? We need to know!

4. She's feeling...24

I don't know about you, but I want to know what its like for Taylor to be 24. Is she still making fun of her exes? Is she still happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time?

5. Short Hair Don't Care

Taylor cut off those long curly locks back in February, and usually when a girl gets a major hair cut then you know something went down.

6. Swift Advice

Taylor is literally one of the nicest stars to her fans, she gives a girl $90 to go to Chipotle, serenades kids in hospitals and gives valuable free love advice on Instagram. Now, we can pretty much guarantee there will be more where that came from on her album.

7. Everything Has Changed...Again

Taylor Swift is one hard-working women, spending pretty much all of last year on tour, but she had some great company in Ed Sheeran. The two collaborated on Taylor's last album, so we are hoping they were able to recreate that magic once again.

8. Needlepoint Pro

She bakes, she sings, she paints, and apparently she can do a mean needlepoint, just ask Ed, who proudly showed off Taylor's creative and thoughtful Christmas present. FYI, it's proven that needlepoint can be relaxing and spark creativity, so maybe she found her inspiration there. Also FYI, I made that up, but I would imagine that it's true.

9. Presidential Romance

Taylor's relationship with Conor Kennedy seems like a lifetime ago, and it kind of was, but they actually broke up right around the time Red was released, meaning we never got the details...in a song.

10. Mansion Life

By the looks of it, Taylor has thrown some epic parties at her Rhode Island pad, complete with slip n' slides, swimming and some delicious food. If that doesn't inspire a song, I don't know what would.

11. Seeing Double

It seems like within the past year Taylor has found her long lost twin in model Karlie Kloss. The two have gone on road trips, went on boats and played dress-up. I would love to see Taylor write a song about how they are both made up of "100% sunshine."

12. Getting Her Wings

It could be a bit intimidating standing in a sea of Victoria's Secret models, but Taylor totally owned their annual fashion show, working that catwalk, all while making some new besties, including model Cara Delevingne. So, did they talk about a certain member of 1D that has shaggy hair and likes sheer shirts?! Maybe the new album will give us answers.

13. From Red To...?

Taylor was all about the red lips, red shorts, red everything with her last album, but how will she change it up next? I don't know, but the anticipation is killing me!