This Pig Surfing With A GoPro In Hawaii Is The Best F--king Pig

Kama the Surfing Pig is living the life you can only dream about. Prepare to be insanely jealous of the chillest swine alive.

Pigs, they're just like us: Some are tightly wound (like the one that terrorized the residents of a Maine town for a month) and others just want a laid-back, carefree, one-with-nature existence. And while most of us spend too much time in a pigpen-like cubicle or classroom, we'd almost all prefer to catch a wave in paradise.

So, it's with a mix of "aw, look how cute" and RAGE-FILLED ENVY that we introduce you to Kama, a pig adopted and trained by Oahu surfer Kai Holt:

Kama surfs! He swims! He parties with babes!

(And most guys think adopting a stupid little dog will help them meet women!)

While the rest of us merely fantasize about spending our lives with a tropical drink in hand, Kama gets to romp around in the golden sand, going for a swim whenever he likes, listening to Bob Marley all day long and catching secondhand Maui Wowie highs with his snout. But don't get too jealous -- after all, A) Shark Week is coming, and B) ham is a primary ingredient in Hawaiian pizza.