Sloppy Joe Pies & Slurpee Sauce -- Plus More From 'Snack-Off''s Gas Station Episode

Tonight's three amateur chefs set fire to traditional cooking techniques.

If you thought a gas station's mini-mart was only good for a pack of gum or a can of expired diet soda, you obviously haven't experienced the wonder of "Snack-Off."

On tonight's episode, three amateur chefs were challenged with making culinary masterpieces out of munchies you typically buy with pocket change at the pump. And when all the first round's Sloppy Joe-filled pot pies had been scarfed down (you heard us, Paula Deen!), the remaining competitors had to put a new spin on classic macaroni and cheese.

Some recipes left judges Yassir Lester, Chrissy Teigen and Jason Quinn drooling, but others simply gave 'em the blue box blues. Either way, watching the snack-masters in the kitchen was a true treat.

Here are four "Snack-Off" techniques that'd make Julia Child scowl from tonight's episode:

Baking mini-pastries filled with Sloppy Joe mix:

Reducing a sauce made out of melted Slurpee:

Topping a frozen pizza with al dente macaroni and cheese:

Making a glaze out of sour cream and...any condiment: