Kristen Stewart Wears Chanel To The Supermarket, NBD

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the supermarket, I wear, like, sweatpants. The same cannot be said for Kristen Stewart, though, who is all about chilling in the produce aisle while wearing Chanel. While technically she’s wearing Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection for her Elle magazine spread, we like to pretend she does it in IRL. I mean, being tight with Karl Lagerfeld must have daily perks, right?

'Elle' Magazine

Kristen’s spread takes its inspiration from Chanel’s Fall 2014 show, where the runway was lined with food-stocked shelves. Unlike the show, though, Kristen is surrounded by cases of Coke and Capri Sun instead of Chanel-branded food.

'Elle' Magazine

K-Stew wears a ton from the collection, including brightly colored leggings, a printed skirt, and an embellished sweater. We have to call particular attention to her accessories, though—a milk-carton bag and Chanel candy necklace? Yes, please.

'Elle' Magazine

On the cover, Kristen wears different Chanel accessories. Like, a lot of ’em. We’re talking four Chanel lock necklaces—she must’ve done neck exercises weeks in advance of the shoot. Between the actual locks and the heavy-duty chains, those things appear to weigh, like, 15 pounds. They’re even draped around her long, reddish hair. Her new ’do would def be weighed down by those bad boys.

You can check out the rest of the images and the full interview in Elle’s September issue, which hits newsstands on August 12. In the meantime, you can head over to Elle’s site for interview excerpts and more photos.

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