Colin Gray

You Could Have Heard A Pin Drop When Jamie Lee Lost Her Virginity

The 'Girl Code' comedienne recalls how she (very quietly) left 'Virgin Territory.'

On "Girl Code," comedienne Jamie Lee doesn't stay mum on much, but she wasn't always so forthright...

In honor of "Virgin Territory," the woman who once said, "You do realize masturbation feels like pizza tastes" has bravely chosen to share the story of her first sexual encounter. And in the video below, it starts -- like many tales of romance do -- on a road trip to the Warped Tour with her boyfriend, dad and best friend Bonnie.

"I was like, 'Oh, my God -- we should do it in the hotel room. Like, who cares if Bonnie's in the room with us and my dad is in the adjoining room?'" she recalls suggesting to her boyfriend Trent in the clip. Turns out, she and Trent cared.

Jamie goes on to explain that when the time finally came to go all the way, the young lovebirds were so afraid to make noise, they could only manage to let out a grunt or two. Since then, she's since learned two valuable lessons: Seek privacy for sex, and hold off until you know what you're doing!

"Not only is it good to wait because of safety reasons, it's also good to wait because when you get older, you actually know how to, like, use your body and communicate with your body effectively," she says.

Listen to Jamie's full story, plus hear how "Catfish" sleuth Nev Schulman lost his virginity. And don't forget to catch the next episode of "Virgin Territory" next Wednesday night at 11/10c!