'Cupcakes' Is Kinda Like Rebecca Black's 'Friday'… But About Cupcakes

Yes, it's all about cupcakes.

OK so Patrice Wilson, the genius behind the viral sensations "Friday," "Thanksgiving," and "Chinese Food" is back at it with another deep thinker in "Cupcakes." The new song is by Gina Naomi Baez featuring Tinkerbell the Dog, yes; take a moment to let all that sink in. The song, as you might have guessed, is quite literally all about cupcakes.

The chorus reads as what a conversation would be like with your super stubborn super drunk friend at 4 a.m.:

Having' the time of our lives. Then we're like so hungry! Give me on of those cupcakes. Give me one of those cupcakes! With the sprinkles on top. With the sprinkles on top. WITH THE SPRINKLES ON TOP!

And even if you don't like it -- and if you don't you'll watch it anyway -- Wilson probably doesn't care. When MTV News caught up with him last year he admitted, "None of the haterade bothers me."

So, hater or not, enjoy.