Mahogany Lox

This Cover Of Shawn Mendes 'Life Of The Party' Proves It Should Be A Duet

Mahogany Lox and Brandon Skeie don't disappoint.

OK, Internet. I didn't think Shawn Mendes' "Life of the Party" could actually get any better -- well, an official music video would help -- but then YouTube stars Mahogany Lox and Brandon Skeie came around and flipped everything upside down.

The duo's symphony of voices meld so perfectly that it actually makes you contemplate why the song wasn't originally a duet. It works. It works so good.

In fact, the song is so perfect that Shawn Mendes himself gave them a thumbs-up. Brandon Skeie tells MTV News that he and Mahogany were able to meet up with Shawn backstage during his Los Angeles tour stop with Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony and The Vamps.

"We showed him our cover and he loved it," Skeie says.

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This isn't Mahagony and Brandon's first trip around popular music covers. Earlier this year the pair released covers for Ariana Grande's "Problem" and Fifth Harmony's "Better Together."