This Teacher Showed Up On Her First Day Drunk And Pants-less

Lorie Ann Hill was arrested on Monday.

We've all had the nerve-racking dream where we show up to school/work completely naked.

Well, for Lorie Ann Hill, that almost became a reality on Monday. The Wagoner, Oklahoma, public school teacher was arrested after police say she showed up at school for her first day of work intoxicated and going full Daffy Duck (shirt no pants).

School officials say they found Hill, 49, in an empty classroom disoriented, but "By the time we got there she was wearing shorts." It's also noted that Hill was a recent hire, and by the sound of this will be a recent fire.

Luckily, it was just a teacher work day. And thank God; we don't want our kids seeing their teacher drunk and pantsless -- unless it's Cameron Diaz.