Watch Iggy Azalea And Jeremy Scott Go Vintage Shopping In 'House Of Style' Season Premiere

Spoiler alert: She tries on a blazer without armpits.

We've been holding this one under our hats for *quite* a while now, and TBH I can hardly believe this moment has finally arrived. House of Style with our host Iggy Azalea is actually HERE!

Watch House Of Style: Vintage Shopping With Jeremy Scott

Kicking things off for our premiere episode, Iggy meets up with IRL friend, designer, and Moschino's reigning creative director (no big *hair flip*), Jeremy Scott. Jeremy's a longtime fave of those of us who take up residence in the intersection of fashion and music, but if you're not familiar with Jeremy's work by name, a little Googling will reveal that you know it by sight.

Cosmopolitan/Britney Spears' Twitter/Getty Images

His irreverent designs are beloved by all of your faves: Katy, Nicki, Britney, Miley, Rihanna, and of course, Iggy herself. Perhaps best known for his iconic and unabashedly over-the-top sneaker designs for Adidas Originals, Jeremy tops the list of designers outfitting the music game in 2014 with his own namesake line and at the helm of Moschino. It's Jeremy's knack for making fashion fun that has pop's leading ladies beating down his door, and it also makes him the *perfect* person to help you wade through racks of vintage clothing (not to mention, he has his fashion history on lock, so you'll actually learn a thing or two).

A little backstory on this episode for you: Jeremy actually does quite a bit of vintage shopping for Iggy in real life. Yep, these two have cultivated a relationship that runs so deep, Jeremy can immediately identify which throwback finds would be perfect for Iggy, including, but not limited to, the above Space Jam T-shirt. It's emblazoned with Lola Bunny (an Iggy fave), who is sending some sassy side-eye toward that crew of tiny Monstars. IDK what a "space attitude" is, but I want one, too.


Iggy and Jeremy comb through the racks of two of L.A.'s best vintage shops—Resurrection and Catwalk—in search of Madonna's infamous Jean Paul Gaultier cone bras. While they don't really turn up that elusive peaked brassiere, they DO happen upon a pinstriped blazer with armpit holes that reads very Blond Ambition. (And IMHO, an armpitless find in a vintage store is sort of a boon because then you never have to worry—like I do—about your own sweat somehow suddenly activating the B.O. particles of the previous owner.)

Another fun fact? Iggy actually bought that denim Calvin Klein jumpsuit before we left Catwalk (and wore it on a date with Nick Young)! Now, it will gleam in her closet in all its '90s glory as a reminder of her very first episode of House of Style. *shooting star flies across the screen revealing "The More You Know"*

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