8 Reasons Daniel Radcliffe Is Your Dream Boyfriend

Here's why Radcliffe should be your Chosen One.

By Lisa Fischer

After spending ten years as everyone’s favorite wizard, Daniel Radcliffe has worked hard to prove that he is more than just a one trick pony. However, perhaps it’s time that Radcliffe audition for another role — your boyfriend.

We here at MTV believe that the leading man is perfect other-half material. Don’t believe us? Based on a recent Happy Sad Confused podcast interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz for his Happy Sad Confused podcast, here are eight reasons you should try and lock him down ASAP — just as long as his dream girl, Katy Perry, doesn’t beat you to it.

1. He’ll Really Get To Know You

Don’t expect Daniel Radcliffe to cry over “The Notebook” with you on a Saturday night. “There’s a certain laziness in the way some of those films are written where you’re just like, ‘Ah, let’s get this person and that person and slam them together and make some jokes,’” Radcliffe says about rom-coms in general.

His newest film, “What If,” does away with many of the clichés we have come to accept as necessities in the typical on-screen love story, like how characters often only get to know each other in a short montage. “This film is the extended version of that montage,” he explained. “It’s something we all remember from the beginnings of our own relationships, the first moments when you sort of meet and realize that you get along.”

You can be sure that he’ll take the time to get to know you beyond what’s written in your Tinder profile.

2. Mom And Dad Will Love Him

If you want to bring Radcliffe home to meet your parents, you can pretty much guarantee that he’ll receive their coveted seal of approval. “I hope so. I feel like that’s a really boring thing to have said about you as well, like, ‘My girlfriend’s parents would love you,’” Radcliffe joked. “’You know what I like about you, Dan? You’re safe.”’

3. He Wants You To Make The First Move

In true modern fashion, Radcliffe doesn’t believe a guy is required to initiate the first kiss. “Just start kissing! All of you, just start kissing,” he advised. Well then, don’t mind if I do.

4. He’s Willing To Make Sacrifices

Radcliffe told MTV that he would potentially give away all of his money for a chance at love, though we’re not sure why anyone would ask him to do that. However, things would probably balance out if you happen to make as much money as his ultimate crush, Katy Perry.
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