Nicki Minaj Isn't Kidding About Those 'Anaconda' Fashion Lyrics

If you've been listening to Nicki Minaj’s Sir-Mix-A-Lot-sampled "Anaconda" single on repeat (like we have), you might've noticed some serious designer name-dropping in the lyrics, which—for us all fashion nerds—is definitely a treat. But today on Instagram, Nicki proved that she's not just rapping about these couture pieces, but actually wearing them.

In one lyric from "Anaconda," Nicki says: "Bought me Alexander McQueen / He was keeping my stylish," and on Insta she showed us all just that. She posted photos of herself in head-to-toe pieces from the London-based fashion house with the caption "@worldmcqueen #topToBottom #AlexanderMcQueen." The ensemble featured a gold and black bustier paired with a graphic pencil skirt, out-of-this-world metallic heels, and tons of gold jewelry to boot.

In another line from the song, Nicki says: "And when we done, I make him buy me Balmain," and again proved that she really ain't lyin'. She shared some snaps of herself in a killer leather crop top and pleated leopard skirt—complete with a shoutout to the Paris brand's handle.

Here, Nicki gives some sweet side-eye in more McQueen.

And finally, another over-the-shoulder shot in a badass Balmain look.