The 'Teen Wolf' Lake House Has Secrets -- Namely, Why Meredith Was In Lydia's Vacation Pad

One banshee's photo had the other banshee stumped.

Spilling red wine on white carpet is now only the second most troubling thing to happen at Lydia's lake house: On Monday night's "Teen Wolf" episode, she discovered that the space recently had an unexpected visitor.

Lydia, who's still striving for control over her banshee power, locked herself in her vacation pad while her friends were busy taking PSATs, sat down next to the phonograph that first alerted her to The Benefactor's hit list and waited for more information about the killer -- any information at all -- to manifest among the white noise. This time, though, in spite of Lydia's pleas, nothing came.

Resigned to the the fact that the machine had gone radio silent, Lydia gave up for the time being, opened up a package of the late Meredith's belongings and rifled through them, crying. Among dried flowers and half-empty perfume, though, one relic stood out -- tucked beneath a dusty stuffed animal was a black-and-white photo of Lydia's fellow banshee, and Lydia suddenly realized it was taken in the very same room. In an instant, another Beacon Hills mystery saw life.

So tell us -- why was Meredith in Lydia's house, and do you think it's where she, too, got the passwords to the dead pool? Sound off, and see if we get any more information on the next "Teen Wolf" episode Monday night at 10/9c!