Here's Proof All Your Selfies Are Pointless Without Animals

Posting countless pics of your own face isn't cute. You know what is? These cuddly critters.

The selfie game done changed. Are you still taking selfies without exotic animals or at least your pet? That's so yesterday, bro. Animal selfies are the new jam -- next time you stroll by a kangaroo, you better snap a photo with it, not of it. Plus, animals taking a selfie on their own can cause quite the controversy, like how Wikipedia doesn't think a monkey owns the copyright to its own selfie. WHAT A CRAZY WORLD WE LIVE IN!

So take a break and put on a smile with these photos, then take a shot of you and your...lizard? What, I don’t know you! (Just, whatever you do, leave the swans alone -- they don't like to be photographed with humans!)