'Virgin Territory' Poll: Should Kyle Have Ended His Romance With Amanda?

The 20-year-old lost his virginity to an old friend -- and then decided it was best they go their separate ways.

Kyle finally swiped his V-card with his hometown pal Amanda on last week's episode of "Virgin Territory." But after the deed was done, the 20-year-old felt conflicted about their romantic connection.

On tonight's episode, a grinning Kyle still seemed happy with his decision and confessed to his mom Denise that "stuff changed" with his longtime friend. But his mood shifted after Denise told her son that his dad was older than Kyle when he lost his virginity.

"I wish I knew -- I would have felt better," a somber Kyle said.

In addition to his relationship with Amanda, Kyle's living situation was also in flux -- something he hadn't yet told his "first." If his college approved his financial aid, he'd head back to Florida and continue school; if not, he'd stay home in Rhode Island. Eventually, Kyle received the funds needed to return to the Sunshine State -- and quickly became unsure about making things official with Amanda. Still, when the duo went out with some of his visiting buddies from college, their chemistry was undeniable.

"Me and Amanda are dancing, she's looking fine as hell," he admitted after the group went clubbing. "It felt good to have her by my side."

Soon after, it was time for Kyle to fess up about leaving Rhode Island and say goodbye. Amanda was saddened by the news and questioned the possibility of a long-distance relationship.

"I don't know -- I feel like that's so hard," Kyle said.

But Amanda wanted to make it work. "It's different," she explained. "Like, we had sex and I'd like for you to be my boyfriend. I'm that type of girl -- I've always had boyfriends."

Kyle, however, didn't waver from his choice to end things romantically. "I feel like down the road something could happen," he said as his eyes welled up with tears. "Something did happen down this road."

Kyle and Amanda obviously share a special bond but, as Kyle believes, long-distance relationships can be difficult. Still, Amanda was willing to do whatever it would take to stay a couple despite the mileage between them.

Tell us what you think: Should Kyle have ended things with Amanda, or should they have given their romance a try? Take our poll, and weigh in below.

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