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Why New Yorkers Are Swiping Right For Dogs’ Tinder Profiles

True love on Tinder just got real, even if users weren't originally looking for a pet to adopt.

If you live in NYC and are on Tinder (so, like, every single person in NYC), then you may have noticed a lot of matches with dogs as of late. Not someone who is using a photo of a dog as their profile pic — which plenty of people do — but an actual dog. Did you accidentally sign up for some kind of super creepy Tinder spinoff app?

Nope, it’s a brilliantly disruptive effort by the East Village’s Social Tees Animal Rescue, a non-profit, no-kill organization that takes in abandoned animals from kill shelters and provides them a safe haven. This might be the best use of a dating app since, well, ever:

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Social Tees created 10 separate Facebook profiles for abandoned puppies with bios such as, “Roses are grey, Violets are grey, and everything is grey because I’m a dog.” The initiative, which began July 31, has already received over 2,500 matches, and the Social Tees staff individually approve all potential owners.

So continue to use Tinder for random make-outs and awkward dates, but don’t impulsively swipe left on these puppies. Also, Social Tees lets you foster a dog for two weeks before adopting permanently, if you’re scared of commitment — which is probably why anyone’s on Tinder in the first place.

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