Watch This Crazy Guy Ask 200 Random Women To Have Sex With Him

Spoiler alert: It's awkward, weird and kinda hilarious.

You guys, life is short. So short, in fact, that it really makes you wonder if we’re wasting our time trying to map out dating strategies and just get right to the point. What if we all quit beating around the bush and asked people up front for what we really want?

A guy calling himself “Brian from California” tested that theory for a bold social experiment in which he went up to 200 female strangers and asked them to have sex with him. A year ago, Brian did the same thing with 100 women in the U.S., all of whom said no (or threw drinks in his face). But he didn’t let his 0% success rate get him down for too long. For round two, he decided to set his sights even higher by testing the waters in Europe and asking double the amount of women the same question.

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