Let Sean Bean Tell You How He Casually Kicked Around His Own Decapitated Head

Ten years later, the actor admits that one actually kind of does simply walk into Mordor.

Sean Bean, whose death in "Game of Thrones" we are still not entirely over despite it having happened four years ago, made a long-awaited appearance on Reddit Tuesday for a very jovial AMA session. With a heavy focus on his high fantasy roles -- both in the HBO drama, and the "Lord of the Rings" franchise -- Bean opened up at length about his onscreen deaths, his favorite projects, and the enduring power of one declaration about how hobbits might or might not walk into Mordor. And, of course, we've already LOLed forever at his Jon Snow comments. Below, a roundup of his best responses.

On whether he prefers playing good guys or bad guys:

I think villains are kind of the more juicy parts, you can kind of get way with murder (literally) but it's been fun playing Martin in LEGENDS because he's a bit of both really. He uses quite brutal methods to achieve his aims, but he's a good guy.

On the role he wishes he could've played for longer:

I guess Ned Stark!

On whether he was upset about dying on "Game of Thrones":



I mean, I knew it was coming, you know?

But when I read it, you know, it just comes out of the blue and was a nasty shock. Especially after Ned Stark thought he'd got some agreement between Joffrey and the various factions, and for them to renege on that deal was pretty shocking.

The scene was shot in Malta, in this big square in Malta, I think they built it, like a big public square, and it was good, it was weird, you know? Because they made a cast of my head with hair on it, I've got some pictures of me holding my head. And it was fun. I don't know, you kind of just have to imagine what it's like to have your head chopped off, Ann Boleyn and how she must have felt. But it was the manner in which it was done, it was all the more tragic for that.

On what happened to the head:

We just kicked it around like a football!

On who he'd rather bring into battle, Aragorn or Robert Baratheon:

Robert Baratheon. He's from Yorkshire. That's why. Why not Aragorn? If Robert got ahold of you, he'd crush you. You'd be careful not to get caught.

On which awkward confrontation he'd rather have: an apology session with Frodo, or a "Who's your daddy" download with Jon Snow:

I did apologize to Frodo, didn't I? Or I told somebody to tell him I was sorry. And f*** Jon Snow.

On whether his name is pronounced "Shawn Bawn", or "Seen Been":

Neither! It's pronounced "Shawn Bean."

When asked to acknowledge that one can, in fact, simply walk into Mordor:

Did they just sort of walk in? It's 'cause they're so small.