Does 'Carter' Have Real Feelings For The Troubled Crash?

The teen admitted even she doesn't know where her head is these days.

Having taken drugs and hosted impromptu house parties just to get a rise out of her biological mother Elizabeth, we can't discount the possibility that Carter Stevens' latest romance is just another way for the teen to get under her parent's skin.

On last night's "Finding Carter" episode, after letting Bird and Crash's recent tryst sink in, Carter confessed to Taylor that she thought she might have genuine feelings for the mainstay of the local juvenile detention center. She had rejected Crash's advances before, but for some reason -- and even she said she didn't know why -- she couldn't stop thinking about him.

And Carter's feelings, as baseless as they might have seemed, appeared to strengthen when she visited Crash and he shared a devastating memory of his brother's death at the hands of an accidental car fire. She was impressed by how much he'd opened up, but evidently, he'd still left some things unsaid: When Carter returned home, Elizabeth warned that Crash's upcoming drug-related court date would likely send him to prison for at least three years.

Carter pleaded with Elizabeth, whose testimony as a police officer would be damning, to help Crash wiggle his way out of such a sentence. When she wouldn't budge, Carter urged her to consider what it would be like to grow up with no hope, then reamed her out for her lack of empathy.

As rigid as Elizabeth can be, Carter's words did a number on her: Elizabeth ultimately became Crash's unlikely hero and got his case's judge to eliminate any potential jail time. Carter was thrilled, but we're still not totally convinced she's found the right guy.

Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? Sure, but even in the few months since Carter met Crash, he's taught her little brother how to roll a joint, stolen a car and continued to break the law any which way he can. So is it possible that he's just serving as Carter's latest rebellious accessory, or do you think the new couple really had a breakthrough during their conversation about Crash's brother -- and that Carter truly cares for him?

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