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Lil Durk Pleads Guilty To Gun Charge, Dodges Five-Year Prison Sentence

No more trouble.

Lil Durk could've been handed a five-year prison sentence when he appeared before a judge on Tuesday, but the Chicago rapper left Cook County criminal court with just 18 months probation after pleading guilty to gun possession charges.

"The key word is I'll be staying out of trouble,” Durk told the Chicago Tribune. "You can put a capital 'N' — for never."

Durk, whose real name is Durk Banks, was arrested last June after Chicago police saw him toss a loaded handgun into a parked car. He was on parole at the time of his arrest for a separate gun charge.

The prosecutor recommended that the 21-year-old rapper receive one year in prison, but instead the judge gave Durk probation and urged him to use his voice and celebrity to help curb violence. "I'm going talk about everything that's gone on, everything that's happened this past year," Durk said of his upcoming debut album Remember My Name, "the violence, the deaths, the court."

Durk's fellow Chicagoan Common, used his latest album Nobody's Smiling to shed light on the growing violence in their city.

"It came from a conversation that me and No I.D. was having. We were in the basement in his studio and we were talking about what’s going on in Chicago," Common told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway of his album concept. "We were talking about all that was going on and how we can give back."