Tyler Posey's Instagram

'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Has A Brand-New Look, And It's Biker-Gang Chic

The actor has grown some statement-making facial hair!

Hope you're soaking up as much Scott McCall as you can this season on "Teen Wolf," because when the show introduces its next batch of episodes, he might just be riding into the sunset on a souped-up Harley-Davidson.

Tyler Posey's Instagram

The typically clean-shaven Tyler Posey shared a photo on Instagram last night in which he sports a thick handlebar mustache fitting of any biker gang's recruit, and honestly speaking, it's just as jarring as the facial hair his character sprouts each time the full moon rises. "Scott McCall Season 5," Posey captioned the shot. When puberty hits in Beacon Hills, it certainly hits hard!

Still, it wasn't the first time TyPo gave some stubble a shot: Way back in 2011, when "Teen Wolf" first premiered, he was caught at the NCLR ALMA Awards sporting bristles that had us swearing we were in the presence of Inigo Montoya from "The Princess Bride." If he'd uttered "You killed my father, prepare to die!" we'd have simply lost it.

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

What do you think of Tyler's new look? Sound off on the 'stache, and tune in to the next "Teen Wolf" episode Monday night at 10/9c!