You Have To See Chris Pratt's High School Yearbook Photos

Star-Lord before he was Star-Lord

Thanks to "Parks and Recreation" and now especially "Guardians of the Galaxy," Chris Pratt has quickly risen through the ranks of America's most beloved stars.

So naturally someone was going to find his yearbook pictures, and that person was reddit user warped_and_bubbling on a thread about Pratt's recent appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Check out the photos below and admire the accuracy of Pratt's senior year superlative.

Here's Pratt in his junior year of high school.

And then he went full-color for senior year.

He might not have always been as jack as he was in his pre-"Guardians" selfie, but Pratt was always a bit of an athlete.

The redditor who found the pics shared a story about how Pratt would steal school assemblies with his surprisingly good moonwalk. Take a second to imagine that.

You see, those yearbook superlatives can actually mean something for the future.