Nicolas Cage Flies Through The Apocalypse In The 'Left Behind' Trailer

One of these days, the Cage is gonna break.

No matter what happens, Nicolas Cage just really needs you to know how much he loves you.

Well, Mr. Cage, the message has been received — and we love you, too. The reasons are many, but today's declaration of love owes everything to the trailer for Cage's new movie, "Left Behind," based on the book series from Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, all about the biblical Rapture.

In "Left Behind," Cage plays airline pilot Rayford Steele, who navigates his passengers through a sudden, horrific, worldwide disaster when millions of people all across the planet disappear out of thin air, leaving nothing behind but their clothes and their loved ones. It's up to Steele to take care of the surviving passengers, while his daughter Chloe (played by Cassi Thomson) battles through the streets of a Rapture-ridden world, searching for her family.

In a word, it's madness. Sweet, delicious, Cagealicious madness. See for yourself:

"Left Behind," directed by Vic Armstrong, unleashes the Cage on October 3.