What Video Is Macklemore Working On?

We're assuming it's for Fences' song "Arrows."

There are a couple things we know for sure about Seattle rapper Macklemore: he loves his hometown teams and he and partner Ryan Lewis like making elaborate music videos. But at this moment there's one thing we don't know: what video he's working on.

You see, early Wednesday (August 6) morning, Mack posted a red-eyed, exhausted-looking picture on Instagram with the caption, "That 2am sleep dep editing music video portrait by John Keatley."

Keatley is the same photographer/director who shot this cover art for the "Arrows" single by Seattle singer Fences, which was produced by Mack's partner, Ryan Lewis, and features verses from Macklemore.

While Mack and Lewis have been working on new music, we'll assume the video is for "Arrows," which appears on Fences' upcoming album, Lesser Oceans. (Check out the lyric video here.) The pair will perform the song live at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco on Saturday and Fences (aka Christopher Mansfield) revealed on Monday that they'll also be taking the show to the airwaves. "We are going to be on TV a month from now," he wrote. "Cannot say where but seriously... it makes me cry."

Also, remember that thing we said about hometown teams? Well, a few days ago Macklemore posted a picture of his hand and, oh look, is that a Seahawks Super Bowl ring? Nice.