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Is Drake Really Trolling Instagram Haters About His Style?

From his huge smile to his sensitive lyrics, it’s hard not to love Drake, hip-hop's boy next door. But there might just be one thing that makes him seriously upset—people dissing his style. Or at least, that’s what might have happened in the comments section of Drizzy's Instagram—a gem recently unearthed by Complex.

Back in May, Drake posted a picture of himself sporting double denim, a hoodie, and a white backwards cap with the caption “Wayyyy Up,” and, according to a screen shot from Tumblr, it looks like someone commented on his Instagram and wrote: “Wow his style sucks but his music is so great so does it even matter.” Scrolling down the snap, it seems Drake may have pulled a Rihanna—who used to be known for replying to posts on Instagram (R.I.P. @badgalriri *sheds single tear*)—and allegedly gave his two cents about his style.

The comment reads: “Yeah damn my style sucks you’re right… I should start wearing men’s Giuseppe shoes with the gold buckles so I can be more swag in 2014. I apologize to all my fans for not wearing more Giuseppe."

The mental image of Drake taking close note of what other rappers are wearing, let alone the exact style and maker of their kicks, is pretty amazing, but IMHO, I'm most concerned that no one on this comment thread made a Canadian tuxedo joke. Missed opportunity.

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