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This Is How You Score That Hottie Next To You On A Plane

Take notes.

It's the kind of thing you only hear about in the movies. Boy meets girl on a plane. They fall in love in mere hours. Quickly after landing, they lose on antoher. Boy launches social media campaign to find her.

Wait, didn't Nora Ephron write that?

Nope. In fact, it is an entirely true story of an Irish boy and his quest to find the girl of his dreams. 24-year-old Jamie Kelly was on a flight from Barcelona to Dublin, when fate struck and sat him next to a Nova Scotian beauty named Katie who would tug at his heartstrings for the next several hours.

And since he held it the entire flight, he had to go to the bathroom as soon as he landed. And she was gone.

"See, I was so engrossed during the flight and being the gentleman that I am, I didn't want to go to the toilet in front of this beautiful girl. So, I used the time I had at the passport control to nip to the loo," Kelly told TodayFM radio show host Ray D'Arcy.

Kelly knew only her name and had not yet asked for any contact information. That's why he took to Twitter and campaigned to find his girl using the hashtags #FindKatie and #LoveAtFirstFlight.

Through the miraculous powers of the Internet, and a news station in Canada, Katie was uncovered to be Katie Moreau of Riverport.

"I was obviously very surprised and flattered," Moreau told CBC News. "When I was on the plane I talked to him incessantly because I had just been traveling for two months in Italy and Spain and it was just so nice to be around English speaking people, plus I'm a talker. We had lots in common plus he was very easy on the eyes.

"I never thought I would ever see him again so what a surprise after a couple of pints to log onto Facebook to all these messages. I find it very humorous because all my friends back home are losing their heads over it."

The two have been chatting it up online and plan to meet next week.