John Green Is In The Hospital And We're Not Okay With It


Author John Green, who made us cry a lot in both cinematic and literary form with "The Fault In Our Stars," is now putting a frown on our face for different reasons. You see, we've come to like the guy quite a bit, thanks in part to his engaging social media presence and bromance with Ansel Elgort. Now, according to an Instagram he posted today, he's in the hospital.

We don't like it when people we like are in the hospital.

Green didn't say why he had been hospitalized, only noting in the caption, "No vlogbrothers video today (sorry!) because I am quite sick and in the hospital. But I'm on the mend and should be better in time for a video next Tuesday."

No, John, get better sooner!

Check out the get well message we whipped up for Green:

Get healthy so you can write more books for us to cry over, John!

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