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A$AP Rocky Recites The First Rap He Ever Wrote (As An Eight-Year-Old)

The first part of a new documentary on the rapper, "SVDDXNLY," hit the 'Net.

A$AP Rocky went from a kid messing around with his friends in New York City to a rap star pretty damn quickly. And Noisey has set out to capture some of that journey with their documentary, "SVDDXNLY," with the first part of the five-part series released on Tuesday (August 5).

The roughly 10-minute clip has both candid footage -- like Rocky and his A$AP Mob performing, joking around, and brushing their teeth -- and sections where the Harlem native speaks to the camera, reflecting on his youth and rise.

His mother and sister also make appearances, sharing stories of a young Pretty Flacko (accompanied by some great pictures of him as a kid). Rihanna shows up, too.

Rocky also talks about his first-ever dream job (it had to do with ice cream) and recites his first ever rap.

The next part is scheduled to drop next week.