If Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande And Jessie J Start A Band, They Already Have A Perfect Name

'Jesaricki. It sounds mysterious and like futuristic,' Jessie J told MTV News of her girl band name.

It's not every day that three of music's fiercest women get together to create a song -- but when they do, it makes a big bang.

Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande came together for "Bang Bang," a mix of soul, pop and pure fun. But just how did these three divas make this somewhat unlikely collaboration come together? Jessie J just asked.

"It was kind of a joint idea with Max [Martin], myself, label, management. We kind of just thought this should be a moment. I don't want it to be a feature, I don't want it to be they jump on the song for an adlib then they are not in the video. I wanted it to be like a girl band, 'Lady Marmalade,' and it being a really empowering, 'women together' song," Jessie J told MTV News. "So having them come on the track, they were asked, and they both we're like 'Yes please' and jumped on it within days."

But like every good girl band before them, they need a strong name, and Jessie, who shot the party-themed video with the girls recently in Los Angeles, has the perfect idea.

"Jesaricki," she said, mixing all three of their names. "It sounds mysterious and like futuristic and exotic."

All kidding aside, this collaboration is truly a dream come true for the "Domino" singer, who admitted that she cried after hearing Nicki's verse to the song since she's "wanted to work with her for years."

"Having her jump on the track without even me being like 'please will you do it? Her just hearing it going like 'this is amazing I want to be apart of it..." Jessie said. "When I saw her at the video I was like 'thank you so much' and she was like 'you're great,' I was like 'you're so cool.' So I just feel really really lucky to have two amazing live artists on the track and I really feel like that's important, especially for a song like this and Ariana is the sweetest, funniest person I think I've ever met and she's hilarious and I'm like stop making me laugh I have to do a take, she's brilliant."