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Azealia Banks Rises Like A Phoenix, Gives Zero F--ks In Her New Video

Watch her 'Heavy Metal And Reflective' video.

Despite the fact that no one is ready, Azealia Banks has released a music video for her new single, "Heavy Metal And Reflective." Directed by Rob Soucy and X Nick Ace, the clip sees our heroine tied to a chair and left for dead in the desert. Banks wriggles free from her constraints and joins up with a gang of Motocross riders in a flame-licked ensemble -- literally rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

I could be totally off-base, but this seems like a pretty clear-cut metaphor for all of the industry troubles that have plagued the "212" rapper pretty much since she first entered the music business, culminating with her release from Universal Music in July. "Heavy Metal And Reflective" closes with Azealia walking off into the sunset with a determined look in her eyes that seems to say, "This is only the beginning." Whatever she's planning, we're not worthy.