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Town Elects Their Second Kid Mayor, Learns Nothing From 'Parks And Recreation'

There is a true-life Ben Wyatt situation in Minnesota.

SOS, "Parks and Rec" fans — we have a real-life Ben Wyatt situation on our hands.

For those of who don't watch the popular NBC sitcom, Adam Scott plays the super-serious Ben Wyatt, who was elected mayor of his Minnesota hometown, Partridge, at 18 years old. The citizens impeached him soon after because he funded a huge sports complex called Ice Town and bankrupted the city. For decades Wyatt has to live with the shame.

It turns out life does imitate art in small Minnesota towns. A five-year-old mayor just lost re-election to the 16-year-old incumbent!

The dandy-sounding town of Dorset, Minnesota, has a population ranging from nine to 28 people. Those citizens vote for a mayor by paying $1/vote. Dorset has been run by five-year-old mayor Bobby Tufts for two years now (which means that, yep, he was THREE when he was first elected). And even though Bobby did a seemingly stellar job — one of his major acts was to put ice cream at the top of the food pyramid, which frankly makes us wish he would run for President of the United States — his reign is now over. 16-year-old Eric Mueller refused to pick on someone his own size, ousting Bobby from the throne when he won the mayoral seat on Sunday.

No word yet on whether new Mayor Mueller plans to channel Ben Wyatt by blowing his budget on a real-life Ice Town. We’re hoping this kid’s smarter than that. But then again, he did admit to coming up with the idea to run after eating "five fried ice creams" in one sitting. We’ll keep you in our prayers, people of Dorset.