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Jeezy Explains How That Rick Ross Beef Really Got Squashed

The Atlanta rapper says the media created some of their issues.

After a years-long feud, Jeezy and Rick Ross put their issues behind them recently, and even dropped a display of reconciliation with "War Ready," a collaboration off Rozay's Mastermind. So how did two of hip-hop's biggest stars -- embattled in one of hip-hop's most notorious beefs in recent years -- get on the same page?

"I'm at a different place in my life," Jeezy said during a recent interview at "Sway in the Morning," "If it don't make sense, it just don't make sense. Not to mention, I'm a grown-ass man; I don't want my son asking me about why I got a problem with an individual that I don't really got a problem with."

And despite frequent reports during that span, he swears the issues between the two were never that deep.

"It was just two grown individuals that getting money, that clearly are bosses, never sat down and had a real conversation," he said. "I knew once me and homie saw each other or was in the same room, we was gonna get some type of clarification, and that's what happened. Just like grown men. We both getting money. What's the problem?"

Instead, the Atlanta rapper blames the media for fanning the flames. "I never woke up for one minute like, I don't rock with that man...The media told me, by the way. The naysayers told me. I didn't know that. It was never no moment where we was somewhere and something didn't go right...It was just music, people getting things misconstrued."

Now, it's back to making music, money, and bossing up -- starting with his new album, Seen It All, due out September 2 (If we're lucky, maybe we'll get another collab from the two, too).

"I'ma always stand on what I believe," Jeezy said. "I'm never gonna back down from nothing. That just ain't me. But, at the same time, when things look ignorant, and you're really leaders, you gotta ask yourself, do you wanna lead, or do you wanna follow? And I wanna lead. I'm the big homie."