'Teen Mom 2''s Kailyn And Jo Experience A Parenting First With Their Significant Others

Isaac's mom and dad finally got together with Javi and Vee -- much to the four-year-old's delight.

Even though Kailyn and Jo have had difficulty getting along with each other over the years, they've always tried to co-parent their son Isaac harmoniously. But there was a snag when it came to their partners: Kailyn and her husband Javi, and Jo and his girlfriend Vee, had never been in the same room together -- until this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2."

The road to reconciliation was bumpy: Kailyn had recently taken a big step by inviting Jo and Vee to Isaac's fourth birthday bash. But the couple chose not to attend, leaving the mom of two disappointed.

But the setback didn't deter her from trying to organize another face-to-face meeting, this time as she picked Isaac up from Jo and Vee's apartment.

"I just wanted to actually come in and see how Isaac is living and stuff while he's over there," Kailyn told her ex over the phone, before offering to reach out to Vee to ensure she'd be fine with the plan.

Next up: Javi. Kailyn told her husband her idea, and while he was pleased that she wanted to make amends with Vee, he expressed surprise at her decision. Kailyn explained her change of heart, saying she feels happier than ever before and that it would benefit Isaac if they could all get along and care for him civilly.

When it was finally time to pick up the little boy at Jo and Vee's apartment, the adults exchanged pleasantries, and an excited Isaac showed off his room.

"Isaac, are you so happy that we're all here?" Kailyn asked, to which Isaac offered a big "yes!" The evening happily continued as the foursome, plus Isaac and Baby Lincoln, went out for a friendly bite to eat.

It's often difficult for people to let go of negative feelings, and Kailyn was no exception. But she succeeded, apologizing and even admitting that she wished the group could have united sooner for the sake of her son. And she wasn't the only one with positive sentiments about the encounter: Javi was surprised it had gone so smoothly, while Vee felt that a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. Best of all, Isaac's heartwarming smile showed he was happy, too.

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