MisterWives' 'Coffins' Is Totally Dark, But That Doesn't Mean You Won't Be Totally Obsessed

'Vagabond' and 'Coffins' are streaming now on MTV.

MisterWives are all about being part of an extended -- and offbeat -- family, so it makes sense that they penned the theme song for MTV's "Finding Carter," which tells the tale of a girl who finds out she was abducted as a child.

And now, MTV has an exclusive stream of that jam -- along with single "Coffins" -- at misterwives.mtv.com.

The New York-based indie pop band -- comprising Mandy Lee, Etienne Bowler, Will Hehir, Marc Campbell and Dr. Blum -- takes their name from the Mormon term "sister wife." The band met in 2012, according to Lee, who jokes, "Basically, I married all the guys and they became friends." Adorable -- and just a bit twisted (much like their music).

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The band released their first EP, Reflections, in January, which features both "Vagabond" -- the theme song from "Finding Carter" -- and "Coffins." A more somber track than "Vagabond" -- unsurprisingly -- "Coffins" nevertheless shares the same kind of sensibility as the bouncing pop-tinged jam. Lee's voice winds and weaves, falling over the field of eclectic instruments (those strings! those maracas!) -- a field studded with pop, folk and indie sensibilities. Listen and dream below: