Random Fact: 'Teen Wolf' Star Shelley Hennig Likes To Drop The F-Bomb

The actress who plays Malia says it's her very favorite word.

Malia Tate (or is it Hale...) isn't the type to hold anything back, and it looks like "Teen Wolf" actress Shelley Hennig isn't much different.

In the latest edition of the "Teen Wolf After After Show," which was filmed at last month's San Diego Comic-Con, the show's newest cast member sat down with show host Morgan Evans to field Twitter questions that ranged from Hennig's allergies to her most mortifying on-set moments. And in the video below, when asked to choose her favorite word, she comes clean: It's "f***." Wonder if Peter Hale's the type to wash out his kids' mouths with soap...?

"No, but not, like, as in sexual," she clarifies after considering the lewd response. "Just like, 'Oh, f***!'"

The actress continues to try to put her vocab pick into more coherent context, but eventually just sits back and rides out her tailspin.

"I regret this interview," she concludes.

"Who doesn't?" Evans responds. As long as we're on all the same page!

To hear which characters Shelley ships, and why she kissed co-star Tyler Hoechlin immediately upon meeting him, watch the clip. And tune in to an all-new "Teen Wolf" episode Monday night at 10/9c!