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Dominate Your Parents With New Scrabble Words 'Selfie,' 'Bromance' & 4,998 Others

The updates in Scrabble's dictionary heavily favor the Internet generation.

If you quit showing up for family game night because your parents always use their large vocabularies to dominate Scrabble, then you are in for a treat. The tides have turned and the older generations are in for a rude awakening. That's because the game's official dictionary (yes, apparently it has its own dictionary) has added a whopping 5,000 new words to it that are sure to spark family arguments all across the world.

"ZA IS NOT A WORD!" Dad furiously yells, knocking his tiles to the floor. "YES, IT IS. IT’S SHORT FOR PIZZA!" you retort, whipping out your handy dictionary to one-up him. And sure enough, there it is in black and white: za — the legit abbreviation for pizza. You just scored with that 10-point Z tile… holla!

Scrabble's dictionary hadn’t been changed in almost a decade, so clearly it was due for a makeover. And it definitely did NOT disappoint. Other new and approved words include: bromance, buzzkill, selfie, vlog, mixtape, hashtag, chillax, beatbox, frenemy and dubstep. This is ~hip~ Scrabble for the Internet age, and it means we now have 5,000 more ways to crush anyone over the age of 50 by using words they never even knew existed. Tell your folks to just "chillax" (it'll get you 19 points).