Jake Miller Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His ‘First Flight Home’ Video

Before tomorrow's 'Live From MTV,' Jake takes MTV on the set of his new video.

Millertary, we are only two days away until we finally get to see Jake Miller's brand-new music video "First Flight Home."

But, if you're like us, then patience is not your virtue, which is why we decided to give you a little sneak peek at what you can expect before the video premieres on MTV on Thursday.

Last month, we visited the set of Jake's video in Los Angeles, where he brought us behind the scenes of his first big-budget music video, which brought an airport terminal life.

"It's a very special song," said Jake, who is one of MTV's Artists to Watch. "As an artist, I'm always on the road, always on tour and there's people back home...I've had a girlfriend for a long time, my friends and my family. Whenever I'm gone for months at a time, I miss them, so texting and phone calls aren't enough and that's kind of why I wrote this song I wish that tonight I could get on the red-eye back home, first flight home and see the ones that I love."

There's much more where this came from because Jake will be going "Live From MTV" on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET on MTV.com and MTV Hits. We will show you more from our set visit with Jake, plus you will get your very first look at the completed video for "First Flight Home" before its big premiere.

Make sure you send us your questions @MTVBuzzworthy using the hashtag #AskJakeMiller and tune in to see if he answers you live!