These Rugby Players' Superhero Jerseys Are MARVEL-ous

We're not drooling, it's just raining on our chins.

If you've ever dreamed of watching Wolverine blast his way through a pack of adversaries on the rugby pitch, charging ahead in a Blaze of Manliness while his opponents cling pathetically to his rippling thighs, then get in line, mister, because we were there first. But today, our collective dreams of superhero athletics have come true, thanks to the creative uniform selection of a half dozen Australian rugby teams.

A bevy of teams in Australia's National Rugby League have adopted jerseys inspired by Marvel superheros, featuring graphic interpretations ranging from Iron Man's armor and ARC reactor to Captain America's star-spangled pecs to the Hulk's rippling green abs as seen through a torn-away white undershirt.

Also included in the superhero jersey lineup: a pretty decent two-dimensional rendering of Thor's breastplate and cape, and a Wolverine-inspired top with that looks to be based on the yellow spandex uniform which Hugh Jackman doesn't wear in the X-Men movies. (Three-pronged adamantium claw attachments are, sadly, not part of the outfit.)

Teams including the Canberra Raiders and Sydney Roosters are wearing the jerseys in competition, which means that at some point in the near future, we could conceivably witness a team of Iron Mans in tiny shorts battling a team of Hulks in equally tiny shorts, which means that we officially need to go lie down in a quiet room for half an hour.

For those who want to dress up like their favorite rugby player dressed up like their favorite superhero, the jerseys are available for sale. Glorious rippling dreamthighs not included.