31 People Who Are Better At Cannonballs Than Justin Bieber

You're just doing it wrong, dude.

There are things Justin Bieber is good at: singing, dancing, eating cereal shirtless, posing like James Dean, growing a cheesy mustache and teasing Orlando Bloom.

But you know what he's kind of terrible at? Cannonballs. For further proof, check out this video of a fully clothed JB taking a break from recording new music and acting like he's about to make a big splash in a pool -- except he's jumping on the steps, which is so not safe.

Who did it better?

1. This Guy And These Little Girls

2. All These Kids

3. Faster... And Slower

4. Sneak Attack!

5. How About In Reverse?

6. Even These Can-Openers Are Better

7. These Fellow Canadians

8. Ouch

9. Go Big Or Go Home

10. Roof Game

11. On A Boat

12. Even Little Caleb

13. Even Dogs

14. Nice One, Josh

15. And Crazy Cousins

16. Pretty Good

17. Slo Mo Style

18. Above And Below

19. The Physics Of A Cannoball

20. And The Anatomy Of One

21. You Gotta Map It Out

22. The Champ

23. The Ultimate

24. This German Guy Forgot To Check First

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