The 14 Most Adorable Depictions Of Groot And Rocket Being BFF

Ain't nobody like them, 'cept them.

Friendship is magic, but you know what's even more magical? Interspecies friendship. More specifically, the friendship between a rodent and his giant sentient tree friend.

Yeah, we're looking at you Rocket Raccoon and Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy." Not only did they make us laugh (and cry, GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOT), they legit saved the universe with their friendship. How many times have you done that with your best buds? (And no, totally destroying a calzone doesn't count as saving the universe. But we respect you for it nonetheless. Cheers.)

In homage to our favorite space pals, we rounded up the cutest art that celebrates their bro-dom. Because what says "space warriors who also make us feel good about the world" like fan art? Nothing, that's what.

Adorable, Yet Deadly

It could be yours.

Groot And Rocket As Calvin And Hobbes

Wear them on your shirt.

Something In Your Eye

Find more here.

You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Mad

Lil Scarface action.


Branches: Not just for protecting your brethren anymore.

Hug A Tree

Mondo gets it.

Boldly Going...

Where no tree has gone before.

Friends Help Friends

Especially when those friends are helpless wee saplings.

Groot Is Groot!

Rocket is jumpy.

The Guardians Get Pissed

Oh no you di'int.

No Time For Birds

This is not twitter, Groot.

An Apple A Day...

Gives you a serious raccoon problem.

Teach Your Child To Read For This Sole Purpose

We'd read it twice.

What A Bunch Of Adorable A-Holes


"Guardians of the Galaxy" is in theaters now.