Liam Payne Fan-Girling Over Niall Horan Is The Best Thing You Will Ever See

'I'm such a Niall girl OHH MYFFF GOWDDD IM CRUIYING,' Liam tweeted

You can now refer to Liam Payne as Mrs. Horan.

The One Direction member decided to have a little fun on Monday getting in on the hashtag #BeAFanDay and totally fan-girled over Niall, and it's one of the best things we've seen on Twitter in days.

Liam kicked things off posting a photo of Niall joking that the line that he sings in "Midnight Memories," "5 foot something with the skinny jeans" was written about his Irish bandmate. Liam tweeted along with the pic, "Oooo I'm such a Niall girl OHH MYFFF GOWDDD IM CRUIYING #BeAFanDay."

But Liam was just getting started. He changed not only his Twitter name to Mrs. Horan, but swapped his profile pic to a shot of him and Niall and updated his profile to say, "4/5 follow and yeah i met niall he did a pose with me its not a big deal."

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But this is so a big deal, Liam!

I mean, we also "just died" after viewing Liam's other photos of his "bae," including the action shot of Niall playing tennis and biting his lip and giving a bit of a sensual pose while on stage.

Now, as a Directioner myself, I couldn't imagine this posting spree could get any better—but it did. Liam made us "cahnt breauthee" after he cropped together shots of Niall's baby blue eyes.

But clearly this love runs deep (even to his toes) with Liam tweeting this amazing throwback pic (remember the shaggy hair?!) of him holding up a true fan-girl sign saying "I love Niall."

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And another, final #selfie with his ultimate boy band bae.

Hopefully Niall responds tonight when 1D bring their Where We Are Tour to New Jersey's MetLife stadium.