There Is A Fifth Harmony Reaction GIF For Everything

When everyone is annoying you, just do as Normani does.

No matter what you're feeling, there is a Fifth Harmony reaction GIF appropriate for the situation.

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Feeling sad? Stare into Lauren's gorgeous eyes. Feeling feisty? A hair flip from Ally will do. Feeling emotional and need your 5H fix before the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on August 24? Check out these GIFs below and cheer on the girls as they battle for a VMA in the Artist to Watch category:

When you're feeling like a gold digger

When you finally realize your guy friend has a crush on you

When there are no more M&Ms

When you listen to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"

When you listen to Willow Smith

When you get tickets to see Fifth Harmony

When you realize 5H is up for a VMA

When you're in the library

When you get a new outfit

When you're in the jungle (of life)

When someone talks sh-- about Beyoncé

When you eat a deep-fried Oreo

When you're looking in the mirror

When you walk away from the haters

When everyone is annoying you

When the bell rings after an hour-long class

When you're having a great hair day

When you meet Ed Sheeran

When you're in a staring contest

When you're getting lots of attention

When you're on your Michelle Obama shhhh

OK bye.