We’d Buy A Ticket To A Movie Starring These Progressive Superheroes

Hipster Avengers?

Now that Thor is a woman and The Falcon is Marvel’s new Captain America, the folks at Dorkly saw fit to dream up a few more progressive superheroes.

Our money’s on Stay at Home Hulk (provided the big-screen version includes an Ant-Man babysitting cameo so we can watch Ruffalo rendered starstruck all over again).

Stay At Home Hulk Dorkly

We’re also down with Vegan Wolverine – Hugh Jackman’s been shunning hair as of late, so why not meat and dairy, too?

Vegan Wolverine Dorkly

You also can’t go wrong with Wonder Woman in the classic outfit plus equal pay (though we’re not totally opposed to Gal Gadot’s version).

Wonder Woman Dorkly

Got your own Progressive Superhero idea? Leave it in the comments!